Date: 8/26/20, Customer: Sharon S.
“The moving crew that brought my boxes and furniture back to my condo was on time. Jackie set everything up for me and she was very nice and had everything taken care of for the day of the storage move back. The men were very nice and tried very hard to place everything and asked if I needed anything moved before they left. I had over 200 boxes so I had boxes everywhere. I would certainly recommend Von Paris. Great job. Thankful for the great service.”

Date: 8/26/20, Customer: Debra D.
“Crew arrived on time the first day. Packing and moving went smoothly. They worked well together and worked hard.”

Date: 8/26/20, Customer: Dennis H.
“Alex and his band of happy warriors were pleasant, professional and very knowledgeable. After 41 years at our address it was tough, but the moving crew treated each piece like its own. We were so very satisfied with each step from packing, movement & delivery. This is the way moving is supposed to be done.”

Date: 7/23/2020, Customer: Thomas A.
“It has been 33 years since our last move and Von Paris made it a great experience. Everyone was a pleasure to work with down to the moving crew. All of our belongings arrived in perfect shape and the movers made sure they did not damage anything in our old and the new house. I would recommend Von Paris to anyone that is moving.”

Date: 7/23/2020, Customer: Doreen C.

“You guys fit me in at the last minute and made it work. I moved 12 times in my life, interstate and out of state – and this was hands down the easiest move I’ve ever had. I also just lost my pet, and the movers listened and were two shoulders to cry on. My cat had been through all of those moves and this was the first time moving without him. The movers were so kind about it and were really more like two therapists. I will be using Von Paris for every move because of the professionalism throughout the move, the kindness the movers showed, and the thoroughness of a job well done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart during a very stressful and sad time.”

Date: 7/15/2020, Customer: Nolan C.
“I was very impressed with the entire customer service process. As with most family moving experiences but especially during our current times, we were filled with a tremendous amount of family stress. The Von Paris team quickly and steadily eliminated an amazing amount of worries for me and my family. I was impressed with the professionalism and warmth with everyone. Great experience and will happily recommend the Von Paris team to others.”

Date: 7/15/2020, Customer: Carl P.
“Alexis’ crew was on-time, professional, thorough. Couldn’t have asked for a better team. They made moving look so simple. They made the move so simple.”

Date: 7/15/2020, Customer: Melissa D.
“The movers and Jackie were wonderful! Took the greatest care with all my items and were incredibly friendly! I would highly recommend.”

Date: 7/13/2020, Customer: Aldorain C.
“I wanted to personally let you know about the excellent service I received from Mike regarding our move from Baltimore, Maryland to Alpharetta, Georgia. I cannot say enough good things about Mike and the staff he used to help us move. He was professional from the punctuality he displayed on the day of arrival to the day he dropped off our items, it was very much appreciated. Additionally, he was organized and kept communication flowing throughout the move. He kept us informed on when he would be dropping off our goods, which meant a lot. Lastly, Mike handled our items with care and was a wonderful individual to work with. All in all this was a very stress-free move! I definitely will be using Von Paris again in the very near future!”

Date: 7/8/2020, Customer: Diana S.
“The moving crew was absolutely amazing! They were efficient, responsible, knowledgeable and flexible. They never lost their sense of humor, even while working during one of the hottest days of the year. We will forever be grateful to the crew for their help.”

Date: 7/7/2020, Customer: Margaret and Iain L.
“In such chaotic and uncertain times Von Paris provided us with immense relief in retrieving our daughter’s things from her college dorm. Randy put me at ease immediately and his confidence made me feel secure and I knew didn’t need to make another call I and that we would choose Von Paris. They kept in contact with us along the way and the look our daughter’s face when she received her things says it all! 5 stars!! Thank you all SO SO much!”

Date: 7/1/2020, Customer: Alison G.
“From start to finish, it was a pleasure working with Von Paris movers. The moving crew were prompt, professional and efficient. I could not have asked for a better moving day. Deb-b did a great job checking in and making sure everything went smoothly. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is moving.”

Date: 6/30/2020, Customer: Gail T.
“I want to commend the team that packed and moved us. They worked hard and were friendly, accommodating (which can’t always be easy) and had great attitudes! Roy was a great leader with a great team!”

Date: 6/25/2020, Customer: Barry G.
“The sales rep/coordinator, Jackie, was extremely helpful at all stages, and answered all my questions promptly. The 3-person crew was efficient, professional, polite, and resourceful.”

Date: 6/24/2020, Customer: Jeffrey D.
“I wanted to write to express my extreme satisfaction with the way the first part of my move went so far. Roy and his crew were absolutely fabulous. They were all very professional and polite and took extreme care while packing and moving my furniture.”

Date: 6/22/2020, Customer: Sidney M.
“As an older person, I appreciated the consistent high quality service provided by Von Paris and the extra attention given to special items (e.g., TV and computer). Thank you.”

Date: 6/22/20, Customer: Stephanie W.
“Very efficient, friendly movers – we were very satisfied with our moving day!”

Date: 6/18/2020, Customer: Michael D.
“This is the second time that we used Von Paris Moving to move our entire household. They have a lot of experience and did a great job. All employees that I came in contact with where very polite and professional. I would recommend them as a quality mover.”

Date: 6/8/2020, Customer: Katherine T.
“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I had the most wonderful mover this morning assist in delivering the contents of my storage unit. His name was Alix. Incredibly capable and respectful, I was alone at home and as a young woman it can be scary knowing you have to let a stranger into your home, but he was so professional, and I was at ease from the moment I met him. Thank you for sending out a great mover, it makes all the difference!”

Date: 6/5/2020, Customer: Mary H.
“The move went very well. The guys worked tremendously hard. I very much appreciate the excellent work of Von Paris–the office and the crew. The movers were energetic and very accommodating, e.g., taking on the challenge of an Ikea day bed that required taking apart and putting back together again, and squeezing a ridiculously heavy double recliner through a townhouse door. What I admire the most was the honesty of the movers. I totally forgot that I left behind the few valuable pieces of jewelry I have (my grandmother’s diamond engagement ring from 1923, the gold Tiffany earrings from an aunt who let me live with her and gave me a start in my professional life, and a delicate gold necklace with tiny emeralds from my mom. When the room was emptied and I was sweeping up, I discovered them where I had left them, on the floor beneath my bureau, several velvet boxes, untouched. Aside from the monetary value (they would have been so easy to pocket and easy to sell) I would have been heartsick to have lost these treasures, which were once worn by women I loved very much. In the flurry of activity, I said something to Alex, and I don’t know if it was passed on, but I am so grateful for his and the young men’s honesty.”

Date: 6/2/2020, Customer: Talon S.
“They really pulled out all the stops with my move.”

Date: 5/19/2020, Customer: Pamela F.
“Was especially pleased to receive a partial refund when move didn’t take as long as anticipated.”

Date: 5/14/2020, Customer: Frances H.
“April 30th was a drenching rainy day and the moving crew came prepared. Because it was a 4-man crew to move my upright solid rosewood piano it did not take them long to accomplish loading and unloading the truck. Thank you for employing this crew who were polite, responsible, and cared for my piano.”

Date: 5/14/2020, Customer: Patrick H.
“This was our first move out of state and everyone at Von Paris was very helpful. Link and Debbie made sure everything was covered and calmed our nerves.”

Date: 5/26/2020, Customer: Saint Mary Seminary
“Von Paris did a great job from my vantage point. They were courteous, respectful of distancing measures, patient and very helpful while we squeezed everyone in that room with our mounds of furniture and files. They even assisted with square footage so the partitions can be placed accordingly.”

Date: 5/20/2020, Customer: Linda G.
“Fernando and his crew were amazing considering the load I had. They did as much as possible to make this transition best for me & my hubby. I can rest well tonight. Thank you all so much especially Debbie. I consider you all friends.”

Date: 5/20/2020, Customer: Brian B.
“Porter and his crew did a great job. Wasn’t an easy move for them to shuttle back-and-forth. Couldn’t have been more pleased.”

Date:  5/2/2020, Customer: Mike M.
“I needed to comment on your crew that moved my mom yesterday. They were outstanding in all categories and great assets to Von Paris. You are lucky to have them.”

Date: 5/2/2020, Customer: Harry S.
“What an incredible crew you sent to us today. To say that they were amazing would be the most incredible understatement of the year. Thank you so much for their skill, creativity and positivity. They made the entire experience so much better! Above and beyond!”

Date: 4/28/2020, Customer: Jeff E.
“They are amazing!!! OMGosh!!! Sensational… THANK YOU!”

Date: 4/15/2020, Customer: Randy M.
“We had a very good experience, no significant issues. Special thanks to Ruben – he went the extra mile to help us.”