Portable Storage

Be it seasonal, temporary, or flexible storage that you need, Von Paris has your solution.

The Von Paris Portable Storage vaults are multi-purposed, all weather containers that offer customized solutions to meet special transportation and storage requirements of our customers. Some people refer to portable storage containers as “pods,” we refer to our containers as Von Paris Portable Storage vaults.

Customized Solutions to Meet Special Transportation and Storage Requirements:


  • Von Paris Vaults are weather resistant and can be used for home or business storage or local moving needs.
  • Just tell us how many vaults you need and we will deliver them to your site.
  • We can help you determine the approximate number of vaults you will need for your project.
  • We deliver, you pack, we store, and you save.
  • Von Paris Portable Storage (VPPS) can deliver as many on site containers to your home as required or allowed by law. We are flexible and can also customize a Do It Yourself (DITY) program
  • You can load your vault or we can provide professional loading services for you.
  • Von Paris will recommend a storage or moving solution to help you stay within your budget.
  • The Von Paris Storage Vault is a perfect way to declutter as you prepare for the marketing of your home for sale.
  • The Von Paris Portable Storage Vault containers have application for both business and residential use.
  • Having a party and need room for a holiday gathering? We can deliver a vault to your door. After you load your vault we will take it to our modern off site storage facility and hold it until you are ready for it’s return.
  • No hassle with renting a truck – we handle all the transportation for you.
  • We can also deliver our weather-resistant vaults to your business location. You can either choose to load the containers yourself, or we can provide professional movers. When you have finished loading your Von Paris Portable Storage vaults we will pick them up and deliver them to your new office. If your new office is not ready, we can store your items in our secure Storage Center until you are ready to complete your business move.
  • Need to store some extra office furniture or seasonal supplies, holiday decorations, signage or outdoor furniture? The Von Paris vault will keep things organized and secure.
  • You can store for a month, a year or more.
  • You can schedule annual pick-ups or deliveries based on the need to store items off site to fit your specific seasonal needs.
  • Construction projects often require the temporary relocation moving of furniture until the project is completed. The Von Paris Portable Storage vault is perfect for this situation.


Uses of a Von Paris Portable Storage Vault

The Von Paris Portable Storage (VPPS) vaults provide flexibility to serve ever-changing needs. Business and individual customers utilize them for:

  • Storing Seasonal Merchandise – A Von Paris Portable Storage vault provides convenient logistics, distribution and supply chain solutions by holding and balancing inventory according to market and seasonal fluctuations without cluttering the business’s actual selling space.
  • Construction & Renovations for Business Offices and Residential homes – Protect office equipment and furniture, retail items, stage fixtures, signage, home appliances, furniture, clothing, toys, equipment, bikes and other household items while your business or home is being renovated.
  • New Store Openings – Need some sort of storage space while your store is being readied for its opening? The Von Paris Portable Storage vault is perfect not only for your merchandise, but also for window and display fixtures, signage, promotional items, supplies, and office furniture offsite storage. In addition Pre-pack store opening materials can be stored and then shipped to opening locations.
  • Extra Inventory – Store merchandise, window and display fixtures, signage, promotional items, apparel, supplies, and office furniture storage offsite to make valuable square footage previously dedicated to storage available for selling.
  • Office and Employee Relocations – Von Paris Portable Storage containers are perfect when office and business relocations occur.
  • Disaster Response – During severe weather and natural disasters, our sturdy Von Paris Portable Storage vaults offer protection of your assets.
  • Files and Documents – Archive legal and accounting documents, sales and expense reports, case histories, etc. offsite and out of the way. Von Paris can store these items in a vault or we can provide a full service document management services. Our full service document management services include indexing all files and barcoding for tracking history in a secure facility.
  • Seasonal Items – Don’t clutter your home or business with store holiday decorations, outdoors furniture, sports and recreation equipment, displays and signage. Use the portable storage option of a Von Paris Portable Storage vault. It’s easy to retrieve whatever you need at the beginning of the next season.
  • Storage Between Moves – Von Paris can easily store your vaults in our clean, modern and secure warehouse facilities. When you are ready for a redelivery, we will deliver back to origin or a new local destination. Von Paris can also arrange for long distance moving services as needed.
  • Customized Services – Von Paris can customize your storage and moving needs. As a full service moving and storage company, we can tailor a program to fit your budget. Our team of experienced staff members will help you plan and assist you along the way.