Moving internationally is a major life event and one that should be carefully handled. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes we see when providing international moving services to our fantastic customers.

Mistake #1

Not hiring professional international movers with expertise in international moving.

You want your items to be packed properly and their shipping containers packed correctly. Ask your moving company:

  • How familiar they are with packing for international transit.
  • How many international moves do they handle per year?

Mistake #2

Not being organized before the big move.

Clearly separate those items that are intended for storage, those items, which will be shipped, and everything you plan to carry with you. A good technique is to use different-colored paper to indicate which category an item belongs in.

Close off a room in the house for everything you plan to bring in your suitcases or carry-on. Packers will move quickly and want only the items to be shipped or stored packed in the correct containers. Get the non-allowable list of items from your movers so that they can be separated and disposed of before moving day,

Mistake #3

Failure to be able to communicate.

Don’t go incommunicado. Always have a landline or, preferably, a cell phone on hand so you and your moving company can communicate. Also give your moving company someone they can contact in the U.S. if anything should come up while you are in transit. Also, provide an up-to-date list of contact details prior to departure.

Mistake #4

Cutting it too close

Leave enough time in between the day of your move, when everything is loaded on the truck, and when you are scheduled to leave the country. It is wise to have at least a one-day buffer between the move day and your departure. Tight schedules can blowback and create a disaster if problems arise due to weather, traffic, or manpower.

Although your international mover will give an approximate delivery schedule, there can be all sorts of delays that are out-of-their hands. Customs and the business of the season could add days or weeks to a shipment’s transit time. For most overseas points, it is several weeks before you see your shipment again. From the U.S. to most western European countries, it will be at least a month. It could be over two months to ship to inland countries such as Russia.

If you are planning on bringing the family pet, find out which countries require medical clearance for pets.

Mistake #5

Not knowing or understanding the country’s shipping rules.

To learn more about the regulations in your destination country, check with the moving company overseeing your move and the U.S. Embassy in your new country or the country’s consulate.

Know the answers to these questions:

  • Does the country you’re moving to require you to be there before importing your goods?
  • What happens if you are delayed and your shipment arrives before you?
  • Will the shipment sit at the port pending customs clearance resulting in hefty port storage costs?
  • What documents do you need to proceed with the customs clearance of your goods?

Making an international move with Von Paris International will alleviate a great deal many potential issues. Your Von Paris International Move Manager Specialist can answer any questions you may have.

We suggest that you be prepared and aware of any potential issues. When moving internationally, it’s all about the front-end preparation work. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to move. With Von Paris International Movers at your side, moving internationally is made easy.

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