Mary H., 6/5/2020

The move went very well. The guys worked tremendously hard. I very much appreciate the excellent work of Von Paris–the office and the crew. The movers were energetic and very accommodating, e.g., taking on the challenge of an Ikea day bed that required taking apart and putting back together again, and squeezing a ridiculously heavy double recliner through a townhouse door. What I admire the most was the honesty of the movers. I totally forgot that I left behind the few valuable pieces of jewelry I have (my grandmother’s diamond engagement ring from 1923, the gold Tiffany earrings from an aunt who let me live with her and gave me a start in my professional life, and a delicate gold necklace with tiny emeralds from my mom. When the room was emptied and I was sweeping up, I discovered them where I had left them, on the floor beneath my bureau, several velvet boxes, untouched. Aside from the monetary value (they would have been so easy to pocket and easy to sell) I would have been heartsick to have lost these treasures, which were once worn by women I loved very much. In the flurry of activity, I said something to Alex, and I don’t know if it was passed on, but I am so grateful for his and the young men’s honesty.