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Trust the Von Paris Fed Hill movers to help make your next move stress-free, safe and affordable. Call us today at (410) 826-4824 for a free estimate. Von Paris has been in business since 1892. We take great pride in our work and we know that you will love the moving and storage services we provide.

There may be more than one Federal Hill area moving company, but only one commercial, home, business, or residential mover that does it all – packing, relocating your belongings, storage, and even unpacking: Von Paris of Federal Hill Moving & Storage.

Local Information About Federal Hill, Maryland

Federal Hill which is also known as Fed Hill is a neighborhood located in the city of Baltimore in the state of Maryland. It is just south of the city’s central business district. The Cross Street Market is a historic area that is in Federal Hill. The population here, as of 2000 was 2,400 people. Federal Hill has many popular dining, entertainment, and retail options which are within walking distance for most of the neighborhood residents. Federal Hill has an increasing number of people that are choosing this urban lifestyle. The zip code is 21230.

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In business since 1892, 125 years of practice has made us the premier Federal Hill moving company. Choose Von Paris – the natural choice of the Federal Hill City community for over five generations.